Mayke Oosterloo

Organizing committee

Chair Dutch Huntington’s Disease Symposium
Neurologist, Maastricht University Medical Center. (MUMC+)

I’m a neurologist with a strong interest in Movement Disorders and Huntington’s disease in particular. My research activities are linked to my clinical activities . In 2020 I finished my PhD thesis: PhD thesis: Controversies and pitfalls in diagnosing Huntington’s Disease. Currently our Huntington’s Disease Expertise Center participates in international and national clinical research such as Enroll-HD and PROOF-HD.

• Huntington’s disease
• Rare genetic movement disorders
• Parkinson’s disease

Selection of the most relevant/recent publications
• Oosterloo M, de Greef BTA, Bijlsma EK, Durr A, Tabrizi S, Estevez-Fraga C, de Die-Smulders C, Roos RAC. Disease onset in Huntington’s Disease: When is the Conversion? Movement Disorders Clinical Practice. 2021 Jan
• Oosterloo M, Bijlsma EK, de Die-Smulders C, Roos RA. Diagnosing juvenile Huntington’s Disease: an explorative study among caregivers of affected children. Brain Sci 2020 Mar 7; 10(3)
• Quarrell OWJ, Nance MA, Nopoulos P, Reilmann R, Oosterloo M, Tabrizi SJ, Furby H, Saft C, Roos RAC, Squitieri F, Landwehrmeyer GB, Burgunder JM, Juvenile Huntington Disease Working Group of the European Huntington Disease Network. Defining pediatric Huntington disease: time to abandon the term juvenile Huntington Disease? Mov. Disord. 2019 Apr; 34(4); 584-585